Reading Research in Action: A Teacher

Reading Research in Action: A Teacher's Guide for Student Success

Ratings : 4/5 from 2045 reviews
Publisher : Brookes Publishing
ISBN : 1557669643
Release Date : Aug, 14 2008

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Apr, 19 2018

Product Description

Teachers asked for it: a practical, no-nonsense book that shows them how to use scientifically based reading research (SBRR) in their everyday classroom instruction and improve their students' literacy outcomes. Now the SBRR guide every reading teacher wants is here—straight from the experts behind the bestselling Voice of Evidence in Reading Research.

Peggy McCardle and Vinita Chhabra team with researcher and veteran educator Barbara Kapinus of the National Education Association. Inspired by questions from real teachers, the authors give K–8 educators clear and immediately useful answers about reading research and what it says about the elements of effective instruction:

  • What is SBRR, and why should I use it in my classroom?
  • What does research say about teaching each component of reading—vocabulary, alphabetics, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and writing?
  • Why is Response to Intervention so important, and how can I put it to work?
  • How can I get students engaged and motivated to read?
  • What are the best classroom assessment methods?
  • What does good professional development look like?

Answers to these critical questions come complete with simple, straightforward explanations of research and brief, applicable vignettes that demonstrate how to work research-based practices into classroom reading instruction. A user-friendly guide that's truly responsive to teachers' needs, this must-have book will help educators see all the benefits of instruction based on research—and use it skillfully in today's classrooms to make all their students better readers.