Lords of the Rising Sun: Large format edition (Fabled Lands)

Lords of the Rising Sun: Large format edition (Fabled Lands)

Ratings : 4/5 from 1739 reviews
Publisher : Fabled Lands Publishing
ISBN : 1909905364
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Apr, 23 2018

Product Description

The Lords of the Rising Sun rule the exotic kingdom of Akatsurai, but rival warrior clans constantly seek to overthrow them. In the turmoil of war there are countless opportunities for a quick-witted adventurer. Will you spy for the Shogun? Make your fortune as a paid assassin? Or become one of the Sovereign's knights in your pursuit of glory and power?

Track down the elusive, raven-winged Tengu to learn the secret arts of sorcery and swordplay. Defeat the vampires, skilled in martial arts, who guard the Lost Tomb of the Necromancer. Enter the dreadful cloisters of the Noboro Monastery, where you will fight the most dangerous opponent of all: yourself.

A thousand quests await you and every decision is in your hands. Be whoever you choose, go anywhere you please, do anything you want. This is the true freedom of an open-world roleplaying game in solo gamebook form.

The choices are unlimited, the adventures endless, in the fantastic world of the Fabled Lands.