Clinical Management of Heart Failure

Clinical Management of Heart Failure

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Apr, 20 2018

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In this new 3rd edition, the authors have made every effort to keep the text concise. They have attempted to base as much of the discussion of heart failure management on pathophysiologic principles as possible. They have provided references, whenever possible, to review articles and sound meta-analyses rather than primary data so that readers have access to the overall weight of evidence on a question. Technical abbreviations are listed with definitions in Chapter 12. The format the authors have employed emphasizes the graphic display of information: Kaplan-Meir plots of mortality and re-hospitalization data. Forrest plots to show subgroup analyses, and tables to summarize lists. For any given patient, prognosis may vary widely based on demographics and comorbidities; they have emphasized the importance of careful, complete evaluation and management. In addition, clinicians should exercise the option for consultation with an experienced heart transplant/mechanical cardiac support device center early in the heart failure management process. The authors hope this volume will be a useful adjunct to health care professionals in practice, particularly those in the early stages of their careers. Their intent is for it to be handy, to be available, and to be easy to use.