(RICH DAD POOR DAD) (Tamil Edition)

(RICH DAD POOR DAD) (Tamil Edition)

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Publisher : Manjul Publishing House
ISBN : 8183223753
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Apr, 23 2018

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Rich Dad Poor Dad brings forth the importance of financial literacy and propagates the need of taking the right financial decisions at the right time The author proves his point by putting across the story of his own life where he was influenced by two dads The rich dad was the father of his best friend who was a real estate tycoon and the poor dad his own father who was an educator The poor dad bought consumer goods with all his money while the rich dad invested his money in the right places and bought assets with it This made him richer and richer while the poor dad remained poor throughout his life in spite of doing a lot of hard work This is the message that the author tries to put forward through his book that along with hard work and sincerity you need to have the financial intelligence to invest money in the right places as money begets more money Rich Dad Poor Dad is a must-read for all the people out there who want to climb up the ladder of financial security The Tamil version of the book was published by Manjul in 2013 and is available in paperback Key Features The book stayed for 100 weeks on The New York Times paperback advice chart It is a bestselling personal finance book with 26 million copies sold worldwide